Di - Di ChildCare...

Why I Love Childcare....






My Name is Diana,

The children call me Di-Di.  I do child care in my home.
I've been doing child care for 20 years. I was a nanny before that.
I'm CPR certified and First Aid certified. I have been finger printed and my record is clean.
I have a great home environment for children. No pool,No pets. I have excellent references as well..



Why Do I Love Child Care!  

 I love, what I do! I love all their personalities,                
they are all so different. I love watching the different things they do.
What a feeling when an infant starts to know you by your voice and rewards you with the biggest smile along with kicking their feet in excitement. I think that is so special. When they learn to sit up, crawl and even walk, they have a full cheering section.
I love when they learn my name. When they say it, it just brightens my day.
I just let the children have fun! They are little only once. I treat them like they are my own.
 I give them lot's of love and lot's of hugs. I make sure they know how special they are.
My home is their home, because they are here most of the day.
I love watching them become their own little person.




About 10 years ago, I received a phone call from the mother of the daughter I was a nanny for.  She told me she was bring her daughter to a therapist. The therapist was asking who Di-Di was?  I'm thinking to myself oh,no what did I do to her?  The therapist told the mother that Di-Di had such a great impact on her daughter's life with good memories filled with love, and took good care of her.  What a gratifying feeling, to have a mother call me to tell me how I impacted her daughter's life in such a positive way. I still keep in touch with that family and the daughter is now in college.








Most of the children, I get start when they are 6 weeks, they are here until 5 years old.
Sometimes they return when their schools have days off (including summer vacation). A lot of the children that started with me when so very young, I still see from time to time.  Now they are young adults or teenagers.








I put a lot into my child care.  I have a lot of toys! I buy new things every year, which includes high chairs and craco cribs. All the toys and most of my larger end equipment is clean and well maintained. The children seem to enjoy a change in toys, and toys are updated to newer models.  My outdoor toys are replaced every 2 to 3 years depending on their condition. We do not go any were. For everyone safety. We have Plenty things to keep us busy...




                                                              Lot's Of Love..

                Lot's Of Hugs..                                 






































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