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  March, 13,2009            

di-di watched  my son 3 years ago! She's awesome  with all the kids. di-di's house has a great setup! And is very clean! Lot's of toy's inside and out! My kids still talk about her! All in all she is great in what she does! If you need more just e- mail  me! Thanks, Sue            mineless@mail.com


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                                                          March 14,2008

 Di-di is a great  babysitter! She  has done so much for my son! di-di watched him 2 years ago. She gave him lot's of good care, & Love! He loved going there! He always talks about her! She gave him good memories! di-di is a # 1 baby sitter to us! Very clean house! Always!  Need to get a  hold of me feel free. Thank you, Kate          happy.rock.2010@rock.com





Di-Di has watched my daugher for almost 2 years. I first brought her to Di-Di at the age of 6 wks and have always known she was in great hands. Di-Di's house is set up especially for the kids and always clean. She treats all the kids as if they were her own. Unfortunately my daughter and I are relocating out of state so we will have to find a new babysitter. Di-Di is top quality when it comes to child care and I know it will be hard to find one that can stack up to her. I highly recommend her to anyone needing childcare. Thanks, Sarah sarahr627@hotmail.com







DiDi has taken care of my son since he was five months old. I could go to work and know that he was well taken care of. He started preschool and was able to take a bus from her home to preschool and back. The interaction between them is great. We live near by and on days when my son (now 6) does not have school. He asks to go to Di Di's to play with the kids. She treats them all with care and love. I recommend her care for my child and yours. Michelle R.






 Di-Di was a life saver for us! We interviewed with 4 other people almost giving up hope before we found her. Our son has been going there now for a year and absolutely loves her. Every day when we pick him up he says "I had fun at Di-Di's today!" Diana keeps her place extremely clean and buys new toys etc every year, so it is nice to know our son is playing with sanitized toys in a great environment. On top of that, her rates are outstanding in comparison to what else is available. I feel very blessed to have found her. Feel free to email with any questions to Amy at lefty232@yahoo.com. 









Diana is the best!  We went through a couple nighmares before we found her & we are very happy with her child care.  Her house is always SUPER CLEAN!!  She is very attentive & she has awesome rates.  Lexi is always excited to go to the babysitter & she never cries when I drop her off.  I've been using Diana for almost 2 years, not one complaint!!  Thanks Diana!!!  My email address is crumb1986@gmail.com, please feel free to contact me with questions, my name is Mistie.





                                                                                  March 26, 2009

 Di- Di is a awsome babysitter! Di-Di took care of my sons for almost 5 years! They loved going their, they never wanted to leave! They loved her very much! They still talk about her and ask about her. di-di took great care of my children, I never had to worry, when I left them with her. She has a nice and clean home. di-di is very reliable! If some one needs a babysitter I always recommend her.  If you need to get a hold of me or ask any questions, here my email mom1@inbox.com  Thanks, Michelle




Didi has watched my son since he was 2 years old. He is now 9 & still goes to her childcare during summer vacation & his days off of school. I have always felt very secure knowing that my son is in her care. She loves & cares for all the children she watches. I feel very fortunate to have been lucky enough to have her as our childcare provider. She is awesome with the kids!! My son has always loved going to her place! There is no one else I would trust with my son! Highly recommended!! smg1021@cox.net Thx! Mary Lou









 I have lived next door to Diana and her family for over 10 years. DiDi has watched Taylor, my 7 year old daughter, since she  was 9 weeks old. Taylor loves DiDi and always comes home happy! DiDi offers a safe and kid friendly environment.  She is very flexible and caring! Her daycare is always clean and full of fun for all kids. Through the years, she has been very supportive and I highly recommend her to all parents!

Thank You!








Di-Di is a great childcare provider! She was recommended by a friend when I was pregnant and shortly after my son was born my mother and I went to meet her.  I had been stressing over putting my newborn in any type of childcare but as soon as I met Di-DI and saw her home I was relaxed. Her home is not clean but immaculate! (It is is a great neighbor hood as well) Even my mom loved/loves her and she is very hard to please! My son started with her at 6 weeks of age and he is now two years old. She is certainly a great person to leave your children with!  Amy.




My son has been going to Di-Di for about 6 months. Before that he went to someone else and the difference is like night and day! Di Di loves giving her time, love and attention to the children. She cares for my son as if he is her own. Di Di is also a very nice person and listens to the parents as well. Her home is always clean and the atmosphere is one of love,fun and happiness.My son is so happy everytime I drop him off there, his face lights up when he sees her. Di Di is the next best thing to taking care of my son myself! I give her the highest recommendation. If you have any questions please contact me at babiadotcom@yahoo.com  



 Di Di is the next best thing. Didi is a very reliable, hard working and loving child care provider.  My daughter enjoys going to Didi’s.  The activities, children and atmosphere are very safe and welcoming.  Thanks Di-Di...      Thanks, Melissa.














  Di-Di watched my daughter about 10 years ago. She loved her, She loved all the toy's and her freinds.Di-Di took great care of her. My daughter started when she was 7 weeks. I felt relièved, when I left her. I knew she was well taken care of. She came home always happy! Di- Di Is a gréât childCare Provider. And always reliable. Thanks,Suzanne    mommy126@gmx.com                     





If you would like to see  more reviews! Just click on the link below! If you have any questions please call. Thank you, Diana





















































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